Child care deserts, areas that have limited access to affordable, high quality child care, have become an issue in many communities across the country.   In child care deserts, there are not enough child care programs to meet the needs of families with young children.  As a result, parents are faced with difficult decisions regarding their ability to return to work and ensure quality care for their child.

In an effort to identify these areas and address possible solutions to child care deserts, Child Care Aware® of America has released Child Care Deserts: Developing Solutions to Child Care Supply and Demand. This report that takes an in-depth look at the gap between supply and demand for families searching for child care. The report focuses on both how parents viewed the process of finding child care and how some states are working towards understanding and addressing imbalances in supply and demand in their communities.

Read the Child Care Deserts: Developing Solutions to Child Care Supply and Demand in the Full report or Summary.

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