Program Application – End of Year 2014-2015 (FCC)

ECWP End of Year Forms
End of Year Program Application (FCC) 14-15
End of Year Program Application (Center) 14-15

ECWP Enrollment Forms
Program Application (FCC) 14-15
Program Application (Center) 14-15
Participant Expectations 14-15
KDHE Licensing Verification 14-15
Application of INTEREST 14-15
Agreement to Participate 14-15

ERS Overall Scores 14-15

ECWP Grant Forms & Resources
Grant ERS Page (ITERS-R)
Grant Information & Instructions 14-15
Grant Budget Summary Report 14-15
Grant Budget Addendum 14-15
Grant Application 14-15

ECWP NAP SACC Forms & Resources
Go NAP SACC Screen Time
Go NAP SACC Outdoor Play & Learning
Go NAP SACC Infant & Child Physical Activity
Go NAP SACC Child Nutrition
Go NAP SACC Breastfeeding & Infant Feeding

ECWP Orientation Forms & Resources
Orientation Report & Sign-In 14-15
Individual Orientation Documentation 14-15
Orientation PDE
Orientation - Trainer Instructions
Orientation Certificate 14-15
Orientation Approval Letter

Contact Information

Program Enrollment Information

DCF (SRS) Children (those receiving subsidy)

Education Level

CDA Credential Info (if applicable)

List any significant changes that the program has made in the past 12 months (change of director, opening/closing classrooms, moving locations, major renovation, etc.):

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