How You Can Help

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You may have already experienced or heard about the impact child care challenges are having on Kansas kids, families, businesses, and communities. Developing a stronger early care and education system can be complex, and you might not feel like the best person to contribute to this work.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. Many small-scale solutions have already worked in other places — both inside and outside Kansas — and the families and providers in your community know what they need. By learning more about the issue and working alongside us — and with others in your region — you can have a significant impact with less effort and fewer resources than you might expect.


Here's How to Get Started


Learn more about child care challenges and potential solutions through our research, data, case studies, thought leadership, and Kansas Child magazine. Explore resources on our website and subscribe for email updates.


Communicate with people in your workplace, community, or social network about their opinions and experiences. We can connect you to others in your area who are interested in this issue.


Share what you’ve learned with your network and other leaders and contribute your own ideas through the form below.


Identify small steps you can take to expand early care and learning options in your community.


Invest in Child Care Aware of Kansas with a tax-deductible gift. Your donation will help equip stakeholders with the tools they need to build a better early care and education system.


Advocate for policies that can improve early care and education opportunities in your organization, community, or state. 

Action Steps

Everyone has a role to play in helping our children to grow into happy, healthy, productive Kansans.

Government Leaders

  • Continue to be flexible and focused on the shifting needs of all child care programs.
  • From supplies to training to policy, continue to incorporate feedback from child care providers into COVID-19 relief and recovery efforts.
  • Invest resources in supporting the unique needs of Kansas family child care providers by offering research-based models, such as Family Child Care Networks, proven to increase the quality and sustainability of this part of our child care workforce.
  • Re-ignite child care recruitment by funding efforts that have proven results. Focus on efforts that increase the supply of child care to address infant/toddler care, rural care, nontraditional hour care, and care for children with special needs.
  • Ensure quality counts in Kansas by advancing the Links to Quality Recognition and Improvement System into all Kansas communities.


  • Contact your local CCR&R to learn about no-cost and low-cost options to support your employees.
  • Join other business round tables on child care, helping your community meet working parents needs.

Community Stakeholders

  • Join local CCR&Rs by leading or participating in a child care community coalition or task force. Community coalitions and task forces bring a diverse group of stakeholders together to create short and long-term action plans to address the unique needs of their communities by establishing effective public/private partnerships.

Child Care Providers

  • Continue to communicate with families, CCR&Rs, and government officials about your changing needs and concerns. Be specific about what you need and when you need it.
  • Join a professional association to stay informed and receive support from others like you.

Parents & Families

  • Communicate with your child care provider about any questions or concerns you may have. Work together to identify solutions and address concerns.
  • Ask your child care provider about their supply needs. Some communities still have purchasing limits that affect even your child care provider’s ability to access cleaning, safety, and food supplies. Your offer to help will be appreciated!
  • Talk with your employer about your child care needs.

Advocate for Policy Changes

Advancing equitable access to high-quality child care for Kansas families and communities takes all of us working together. Decision-makers need to hear from families, early care and education professionals, and communities about issues that matter. We can all be part of the solution by speaking up for policies that improve our early care and education system. Join our efforts by getting involved today.

Share Your Ideas

We want to hear from you — whether you’re a parent or guardian, a child care provider, a government leader, an employer, or a community member who wants to make a difference.

Use the form below to share your personal experience with child care in Kansas, offer ideas and solutions, or explain why this issue is important to you. We’ll use this information to inform the solutions that we advocate for and the work that we lead. 

Contact a Community Outreach & Engagement Specialist

We can help you learn what’s possible and begin to take small, actionable steps to expand
access to quality, affordable child care for everyone.

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