Building Child Care Capacity in Kansas

Quality, inclusive child care options benefit everyone living and working in Kansas. Just like we invest in roads, utilities, and broadband to fuel our economy and provide a good quality of life for Kansas residents, we must also invest in a more effective early care and education system that works for all Kansans.

In the short term, child care enables parents and guardians to pursue work, education, and other aspirations in order to support their families economically and live fulfilling lives. Employers can attract and retain a productive and diverse workforce, and our communities can grow and flourish.

In the long term, implementing new child care solutions will ensure that Kansas children grow up in environments that shape their healthy development and lay the foundation for future learning, well-being, and success throughout their lives. 

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The research is clear: Quality, accessible, affordable child care contributes to the prosperity of Kansas today and tomorrow.

Community Child Care Capacity-Building

From planning to execution, we are here every step of the way!

Pre-Planning & Support

Initial coalition-forming, a preliminary needs assessment, or other key activities to build initial readiness are provided.

Communities in Action Workshop

A tailored workshop experience is designed to meet the unique needs of individual communities. 


Funding resources are provided for communities interested in increasing efforts to expand child care capacity.

Follow-Up Support

Ongoing support is tailored to the readiness, pace, and scale of each community to support successful execution of the action plan.

Child Care Go Team

Expanding access to affordable, high-quality child care throughout Kansas by providing state level guidance and resources to implement locally-driven solutions.

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Is Your Community Ready to Take Action?

Economists have found that investments in quality early childhood care & education leads to more effective public schools, improved public health, less crime, and more educated, skilled workforce, as well as a better overall quality of life!

Capacity Building in the News

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Many people, including educators, are becoming more aware of the impact of implicit bias in early childhood. These biases limit children’s opportunities to reach their full potential, and their learning is negatively impacted. Without addressing these biases, high-quality early childhood education isn’t possible.

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