Bring Child Care to Your Community

The research is clear: quality, accessible, affordable child care contributes to the prosperity of Kansas today and tomorrow.

You care about your community and your state, and you’ve likely heard or experienced the impact child care challenges are having on Kansas kids, families, businesses, towns, and neighborhoods. Developing a stronger early care and education system can be complex, and you might not feel like the best person to contribu te to this work.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. Many small-scale solutions have already worked and the families and providers in your community know what they need. By learning more about the issue and working alongside us — and with others in your region — you can have a significant impact with less effort and fewer resources than you might expect.

Learn How to Get Started

Pre-planning and Support
Needs Assessment

Research child care data in your community. Determine if there is a need for additional child care slots.

View your county’s child care data.

Form a Coalition

 Forming a coalition is a necessary step in gaining insight and finding solutions to child care needs.

Find a coalition near you.

Create a Plan

Creating a plan to increase child care capacity in your community involves a thoughtful and strategic approach. 

Step-by-step guide for coalitions.

Community Child Care Capacity Building Stages

Resources for Expanding Care

Follow-up Support

We have curated a list of resources to assist communities in their journey to expand childcare capacity.

Advocate for Policy Changes

Advancing equitable access to high-quality child care for Kansas families and communities takes all of us working together. Decision-makers need to hear from families, early care and education professionals, and communities about issues that matter. We can all be part of the solution by speaking up for policies that improve our early care and education system. Join our efforts by getting involved today.

Get updates, learn about Kansas legislature, and get engaged today.

Economists have found that investments in quality early childhood care & education leads to more effective public schools, improved public health, less crime, and more educated, skilled workforce, as well as a better overall quality of life!