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Child Care Aware of Kansas gathers and disseminates data, research, and best practices from experts in the field so that parents, providers, and decision-makers are equipped with ideas and solutions for high-quality early care and education.

Child Care Data By County

All families deserve equitable and consistent access to high-quality early care and learning opportunities. Unfortunately, child care availability varies widely across Kansas.

Our comprehensive point in time data, organized by county, is meant to assist local communities — including families, employers, and other community leaders — as they work to address critical child care shortages.

Select your county below to retrieve information about the status of child care supply and demand in your area. You’ll also find information about the different types of child care available, rates for part-time and full-time care, census data, and more. The best part: The numbers are up-to-date from the moment you click.


2021 Child Care Supply Demand Report

The 2021 Child Care Supply Demand Report, “Know Better, Do Better: Lessons in Recovery from COVID-19,” discusses efforts to rebound from the economic and physical impacts of the pandemic on child care. This report reveals the changes providers and families have made due to COVID-19 and the key role of child care in a health crisis.

The State of Child Care in Kansas


In order to inform stakeholders and decision-makers, we publish a yearly report on the state of child care in Kansas — including key data on child care capacity across the state, the types of providers available, and counties experiencing critical needs.

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