Grandparents Adventures

September 12, 2021 | By Child Care Aware of Kansas

By Samantha Sulsar, Coordinator, Child Care Aware of Kansas

I can’t help but smile every time I open the silverware drawer.  The spoons and forks that rattle and clank when the drawer is pulled open are far more than just simple utensils used for boring everyday tasks, these spoons are incredible tools that have played key roles in numerous adventures! Well, mainly bug finding adventures, but adventures none the less.

One of my grandson’s favorite activities when visiting is finding bugs and this is evident by the overturned rocks and holes in the flower beds and throughout the backyard.  We both love to be outside, and our bug adventures have been a great way for us to bond, create memories and learn along the way.  More importantly, the adventures are also a safe place for the two of us to escape the day’s stressors and rules and just enjoy the sun and dirt, and of course the bugs!

In addition to bugs, he also has a passion for creating and can spend hours painting, sprinkling glitter and pasting bits of paper together.  As a grandparent, these adventures and moments are by far my favorite role.  There is always time for rules and instructions but blocking out time for free play takes the cake!