Extending Child Care Experiences to the Home

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Discussing child care experiences at home strengthens kids’ brain connections. Their social and emotional development is enhanced when parents and caregivers expand on kids’ experiences by asking questions, using a variety of words, and naming feelings and emotions.

Parents and caregivers can use these tips to connect child care experiences to life at home:

  • Allow extra time for drop-off or pickup to talk about your child’s day. This will help build and expand on the conversations that occurred at child care.
  • Teach communication skills by being a good listener. Allow your child to practice back-and-forth interactions on the ride home.
  • Encourage your child to think about the questions more and give longer answers. Avoid “yes” or “no” questions. For example: “Tomorrow you’re playing outside. What do you think you will see?”
  • Pay attention to what your child is saying, talking as you would to a friend.
  • Be sure to schedule technology-free time.
  • Since brain development and skill-building does not stop when children leave child care, you can keep the interest going at home by talking with your children about their day!

Visit our resources page for more tips and to learn more about extending child care experiences to the home!

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