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Training Opportunities: Contact the Child Care Aware® of Kansas office at 855-750-3343 or contact Kris Nicholson at for information on the class How to support Breastfeeding Families in a community near you. Classes can also be taken online through KCCTO (Kansas Child Care Training Opportunities) KCCTO Training Information

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The 2020 Child Care Supply Demand Report – Challenges of Child Care in a Pandemic explores child care in Kansas, and and they have been overwhelmingly affected by the COVID-19 virus. This report showcases how families and communities responded to the pandemic.

2020 Child Care Supply Demand Report

The 2019 Child Care Supply Demand Report-Exploring The Infant Toddler Gap builds on the two previous reports, 2017 Child Care Supply Demand Report-Child Care Availability in Kansas and 2018 Child Care Supply Demand Report-The Landscape of Child Care in Kansas, to continue to examine the shortfall of available child care openings.

The 2018 Child Care Supply Demand Report: The Landscape of Child Care in Kansas takes a closer look at factors that impact the supply and demand of child care in Kansas. In addition, an Action Plan has been created as a guide for communities as they investigate child care needs in their area.