Child care is essential to a thriving Kansas economy. Employers rely on child care in order to attract and retain a productive workforce that builds the Kansas economy. Parents need child care in order to work and provide for their families.

Point in Time Data

Point in Time child care supply demand data facts sheets that provide a two-page overview of the child care landscape in Kansas counties.


Supply & Demand for Kansas Counties

Child Care Aware of Kansas maintains supply and demand data for child care programs in Kansas. Policy makers, government agencies and other funders s use this data to help guide decisions and shape programs to improve child care quality in Kansas. Parents, child care programs, and other community members use this information to help understand and tell the story of the current child care landscape.

Child Care Centers – Family Child Care Homes By County

Child Care by County

Child Care Supply Demand Action Plan

Conversations, coalitions, meetings…it takes intentional effort and focus for communities to
support working families and improve access to high-quality child care. Explore the Child Care Supply Demand Action Plan to learn more about how your community can join the conversation.

Child Care Supply Demand Reports

Many Kansas families, employers and early childhood professionals find the availability of high-quality child care slots in their community falls short of meeting their needs. This is especially true for families searching for infant or toddler care, care for a child with special needs, or care during nontraditional hours. These families often find they have very limited options when selecting care that meets their needs; some families may have no choice at all.

2020 Child Care Supply Demand Report

The 2020 Child Care Supply Demand Report – Challenges of Child Care in a Pandemic explores child care in Kansas, and and they have been overwhelmingly affected by the COVID-19 virus. This report showcases how families and communities responded to the pandemic.

The 2018 Child Care Supply Demand Report: The Landscape of Child Care in Kansas takes a closer look at factors that impact the supply and demand of child care in Kansas. In addition, an Action Plan has been created as a guide for communities as they investigate child care needs in their area.

Child Care Workforce

Who Cares for Kansas Children? Early Education Workforce Study

The “Who Cares for Kansas Children” study examines the status of the Kansas child care workforce.  The average cost of child care for one infant and one preschooler is a staggering 31% of a Kansas family’s median income. 

2018 Who Cares for Kansas Children? Early Education Workforce Study