Become a Brain Builder

You have what it takes!

Beautiful young woman and child girl little helper are having fun and smiling while doing laundry at home.

How it works

Children’s brains grow the fastest from birth to age five. The positive interactions you have with children help to make important connections in their brains.

Simple activities like these ideas from Vroom, can make everyday moments with your child brain building ones.

  1. Brainy Background
    Children learn through their five senses. By talking with your child about different textures, you are helping them make connections between words and touch. These connections build the foundation for the development of reading and math skills. This game helps your child “think like a detective” because he/she is using his/her senses, including touch, to understand the world around him/her.
  2. Texture Tryout
    Experiment using safe textures on your child’s skin. Ask, “Do you feel the fluffy pillow? How do you think it feels?” Wait for them to respond. Talk about what you are feeling too. “My scarf feels smooth.” Give your child a chance to explore textures when you’re putting away laundry. Before you fold, pass them to your child first and ask him/her how each feels. Is it soft, rough, thin, heavy? What else feels this way?

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