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Business Operations
Shane Preston

When Providers Need Medical Help

As childcare providers, we are great at making sure that the children we are tasked with taking care of are warm, dry, fed and are safe. Do you have a plan as the provider if you have a medical emergency?

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Kim Siroky

Four Things to Know About the Recent Measles Outbreak

With measles cases on the rise, you may be wondering what you can do to keep the children in your care safe and your program doors open. Although measles was once quite common, it can now be prevented with the use of vaccines. According to the CDC (Center for Disease

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Child Care Aware of Kansas

A Guide to Addressing Local Child Care Needs

Creating a plan to increase child care capacity in your community involves a thoughtful and strategic approach. This step-by-step guide was created to help your coalition develop an effective plan.

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5 Winter Recipe Ideas for Kids
Family Resources
Jessica Gable

5 Winter Recipe Ideas for Kids

With all the great reasons to incorporate seasonal foods into your program’s menu, it’s easy to see that seasonal recipes are good for your children’s mind and appetite!

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