“Phone a Nurse” When to Call Your CCHC Nurse Consultant

Child care providers often face uncertainties. Unsure when to call? Here are 9 instances...

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As a Child Care Nurse Consultant, these are the two things I hear most often from child care providers: 

“Your support has been so helpful! I wish more people knew about this” or “Thanks for reaching out, but I don’t know what I need help with”. 

Here are 9 times when you should remember to call your CCHC Nurse Consultant! 

You have a child with special healthcare needs who is getting ready to be or has already enrolled. 

What information do I need to ask from the parents before this child enrolls? What documentation should I have on file? How do I administer medications and treatments? How do I talk about their diagnosis with the other children in care? 

 Your immunization records could be clearer and more transparent. 

Is this child behind on their vaccinations? What do I do if the parent refuses to vaccinate their child? How can I educate parents on recommended vaccines? 

 You have illness spreading in your program constantly. 

Is my illness and exclusion policy working for me? How do I educate parents and children about disease prevention strategies like handwashing? Should I be cleaning anything differently? I’d love a cleaning schedule or chart to help me feel organized! 

 You care for a child with food allergies. 

How do we make them feel included when celebrating birthdays and holidays if they can’t eat our regular treats? How do I know that their food is safe for them to eat? How should I update my food allergy policy to communicate these changes to parents? What should I do if they have an allergic reaction? 

 You want to offer medication administration. 

What should my medication administration policy look like? Where should I store medications? How do I administer emergency medications like asthma inhalers or epi-pens? 

 You want to ensure your infants have the safest sleep environment possible. 

Is this the safest environment for them to sleep in? How do I explain to parents why the room isn’t pitch black? I have a group of providers or staff who want to take safe sleep training. Can you teach them? 

 You want to become a Breastfeeding Designated Child Care Program. 

I love caring for infants! How can I market my program to attract more expecting families? How can I be the most supportive of my breastfeeding mothers? 

 You want to have a kit on hand for cleaning up bloodborne pathogens. 

I know avoiding bloodborne pathogens is essential…but how do I do it? How do I safely clean up blood spills if they happen? What should I keep on hand to clean them up with? 

 You want to promote oral health with parents or start brushing teeth with children during care. 

What can I share with parents to educate them about early toothbrushing? How do I brush teeth with the children without making a mess? Can I use coloring or activity sheets with my children during oral health lessons? 

For all of the above reasons and more, contact a CCHC Nurse Consultant for support at no cost to you!  

  • Jessica Gable
    Child Care Nurse Consultant, Child Care Aware of Kansas

    Jessica works as a nurse consultant from her hometown of Derby. Before joining Child Care Aware of Kansas in 2022, she worked as a pediatric home health nurse. Jessica holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. In her free time, she enjoys being creative with self-portrait photography and trying out new recipes!