Nurturing Your Child’s Brain

Daily routines with your child can be valuable opportunities for them to learn a new skill or healthy habit.
Nurturing Your Child’s Brain

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Nurturing Your Child’s Brain During Everyday Routines

Originally published in the Summer 2022 Issue of Kansas Child Magazine.

Science tells us that 90% of the brain has already developed before a child even enters kindergarten.  Without a doubt, families are an essential part of their children’s learning and development, starting at birth. 

Children build important connections in their brains during everyday routines — getting dressed, washing their hands, playing, sleeping, and eating. These daily routines with your child can be valuable opportunities for them to learn a new skill or healthy habit. 

In fact, your child is learning every time you talk with them, sing a song, read a book, and play simple games

like peek-a-boo or Simon Says. There are many ways to support your child’s learning and developing brain — without having to buy expensive toys or adjust your busy schedule.

You Are a Brain Builder!

Here’s the great news: Brain-building moments can happen during everyday moments through simple, back-and-forth interactions between you and your child.

Vroom® helps families add learning into their everyday moments and routines with children through simple, daily brain-building tips. Our Brain Building Basics™ are five ways to turn moments you already spend with your child into opportunities to connect with them and encourage learning. 

  • Look for what catches your child’s attention.
  • Chat back and forth with them about everyday things while going about your routine.
  • Follow your child’s lead by responding to their sounds.
  • Take turns with your child when you talk and play.
  • Stretch your child’s mind by building on what your child says and asking questions.
Building Brains Anytime, Anywhere

Are you looking for ideas to make shared times with your child — like diaper changing, getting dressed, or running errands — more fun and engaging?  Child Care Aware of America, the nation’s leading voice on child care, has partnered with Vroom to bring brain-building tips to families and caregivers through a collection of easy-to-use resources. 

Vroom has used research on early brain development to create tips for families to support their children’s brain development. Each science-based tip offers an idea for turning a common, everyday moment or routine with a child into something more.  

Visit for the resources listed below and more:

  • Creating Calm Moments at Home
  • At-Home Tips to Make the Most of Everyday Moments with Your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler
  • Creating Routines that Ease Home-to-School Transitions
Free Brain-Building Tips at Your Fingertips

Sign up for Vroom by Text™ to access over 1,000 free brain-building tips! Download the Vroom app, visit or text VROOM to 4825. 

  • Kandi Novak
    Technical Assistance Specialist, Child Care Aware of America

    Kandi supports the Vroom and Mind in the Making partnership initiatives at Child Care Aware of America. She helps child care resource and referral agencies integrate science-based resources that promote early brain development into their outreach to families, child care programs, and community partners.